Mission Statement: Unlocking the High-Return, Low-Risk Strategy That Puts You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Financial Future

Insider Trader Alert has one simple goal: to find the best investment opportunities available in the market today.

Chances are, you’ve heard Wall Street compared to a casino or roller coaster. There’s too much risk, too many up-and-down moves, and at the end of the day, taxes, fees, and other charges eat into returns, leaving investors little to show for the effort.

At the same time, you’ve probably seen plenty of successful people trade the market consistently and profitably and wondered what they’re doing that you’re not. You may have even heard people mention a “system” for making a killing on the market but haven’t been able to find one that not only boosts your returns, but also lowers your risk at the same time.

Look no further. There’s a safe, simple way to increase your returns by making a few dozen trades (or less) every year. All you have to do is buy stocks when corporate insiders do.

These insiders include corporate officers like CEOs and CFOs. They include members of the board of directors. They also include major shareholders who have a 10 percent or greater stake in a company. What do all these folks have in common? They know more about what’s going on at a company than you do.

And by following insiders and buying shares when they do, you can earn higher returns than you would by just investing in a stock market index — by an additional 6 to 8 percent per year.

That’s why David N. Frazier has created Insider Trader Alert, specifically to deliver these investment opportunities when they appear. By law, corporate insiders have to report their stock purchases. David combs through these reports to find out who’s buying what to see how much of their own money they’re putting to work in their companies.

Insider Trader Alert may include companies you’re familiar with. But you may also find some undiscovered small-cap gems right on the cusp of a major growth spurt. David also utilizes a money multiplication method that employs stock options to boost your returns.

Bullish moves by corporate insiders are quite possibly the best signal to buy a stock. But you won’t find such a signal by reading charts like a technical trader, nor will you find it by screening for fundamental value. It’s a unique piece of information which, when combined with these methods, can weed out most losers and zero in on the trades with the most potential for strong gains.

But David doesn’t stop there. By adding options trades to bet with or against the market as whole — or just a sector or two — David has been able to safely lead investors to profit time and again from hiccups in the market. It doesn’t matter if the market moves up, down, or sideways. With David’s method, there’s always a way to make a profit without taking on huge risks.

Partner with David, and start putting these high-return, low-risk plays to work for you today!

Insider Hotline, By David N. Frazier

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